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to Make
World-Changing Shifts!

Revolutionize your life to experience freedom from pain, suffering, and debilitating self-talk.

The world is changing. Old habits and patterns you've created to control change are no longer serving you. They're limiting the experience of life! Are you ready to take a leap of faith? Experience how easy it can be to release emotional and physical pain. Find relief that lasts!

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About Deirdre

Deirdre serves leaders, veterans, men and women who have experienced trauma or who realize that their methods to cope are limiting a joyful experience of life.

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Deirdre Catlin discovered a passion to help others gain freedom and find balance while she was a pilot and Lieutenant Colonel with the Active Duty then Air National Guard. She became certified in multiple energy modalities. In her practice she blends her own intuition and compassion with the most groundbreaking of the energy healing practices in her toolbox.

Deirdre seeks to empower others! She assists her clients to heal from negative life experience and learn to harness their creative ability to live a more vibrant life. The methods Deirdre uses bring lasting relief from trauma, stress, burnout, and uncertainty with a minimal requirement to relive the traumatic or stressful experience.


Explore the
"A True You"
2-Day Course

Release, reconnect, and restore with a 2-day workshop. Neutralize the pain of your past and empower your future.

  • - Discover and unlock the causes of recurring limiting patterns
  • - Learn how to trigger "remembered wellness" to speed up recovery
  • - Reconnect with your emotions as you learn to trust yourself again

Deirdre provides the tools and awareness to help you move beyond chronic pain, stress, and trauma. You'll achive greater balance and wholeness while finding a new sense of peace.

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Your Best Life
is Waiting!

What if what you've been trying to “fix”
was never broken? The habits and
programs you've developed to cope
and manage life have gotten you
this far.

Now, it's time to make a shift away
from those limiting habits into a new
life experience. Are you ready
to make the quantum leap to a
totally different life?