A True You – August

A True You – August

Release, reconnect, and restore with a 2-day self-empowerment workshop. Unlock your human potential, neutralize the pain of your past and empower your future.

Does the pain of past traumas, tragedies, hurts, loss, betrayals, and experiences affect your life today? Reconnect with the strength and courage you have.  You can feel free!

  • Understand the mind-body-spirit connection in a new way
  • Gain a practical understanding of how you, as a unique being, move through this world
  • Develop a new awareness of how emotions, mind, and your unique spirit work together
  • Feel and restore your connection to self-love; harness your potential to create harmony within yourself and the world around you
  • Find the life-lessons associated with recurring reactions in your life
  • Learn to trigger remembered wellness in order to speed up mending and recovery

Deirdre provides the tools and awareness to help you move beyond chronic pain, stress, and trauma by teaching you to use the clearing and balancing abilities of your own body and mind. To ensure the deep transformation, this course is limited to just 8 participants each weekend.

You’ll walk away from this course with:

  • Freedom from your past traumas, pains, and hurts
  • Renewed sense of self and access to your unlimited potential
  • Tools to manage daily stress and negative experiences
  • Follow-up support
  • 3 month membership accessing monthly recorded Zoom calls
  • Access to support videos
  • Online Facebook support community


Huge Value

This course offers a huge value and a way to jump-start your healing. Don’t spend tons of money with ongoing healing. Get the tools and support you need in just one weekend.

Value of the Workshop: $1500
Value of the Ongoing Support and Tools Offered: $1200
Total Value of the “A True You” Offering: $2,800

YOUR PRICE: Just $800 


Ways to Pay:

To make sure you have the assistance you need, I’ve created a payment plan for those who would like to break up the cost of this course. If you cannot pay the session cost all at once, I accept payments of $400 up-front, and $400 30 days later. See ticketing page for details.

*Want This Course 1-on-1?

If you need urgent help, or if you’d like to experience the “A True You” course fitted to your schedule I offer a custom-designed course for that purpose.


Aug 22 2020


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


Deirdre Catlin


Deirdre Catlin
(509) 389-1501
[email protected]

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